Thursday, August 23, 2012

Regency Crossover Bodiced Gown

Blast from the past costume - My first Regency gown


 This dress was made for my first ever Costume College in 2006 and it was quite the adventure. The undies for it have since been scrapped - I made a very low quality linen shift and a long line, machine quilted, Regency corset. I never actually bound the corset and hated it anyway, so last year I ripped the busk out and trashed the corset. Aw, memories.

The only surviving picture:

After two tries at the bodice and two tries at attaching the skirt, I ended up with a Regency dress that I am still quite proud of. I made a lot of rookie mistakes, like not putting enough fullness on the back and leaving off seam allowances, but overall I was, and am, pretty happy with the result. Just don't look at the super tacky polyester bonnet. *sigh*