Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Bitchy Roman

I figured that I'd start my costume blog posts with a dress that I whipped together for Costume College this year. The Bitchy Roman!


I love everything about this dress, actually. It's constructed from cotton sateen I bought at Joanns on sale, which obviously makes it even more awesome. It's really simple in its construction -  just two rectangles sewn up the sides, tacked at the shoulders and pleated to my body. I am short waisted and pear shaped, so instead of pleating at the sides, I did a crossover style bodice. The belt is just trim that I sewed to a vintage belt buckle. In retrospect, I should have made a slightly wider belt, but it worked.

The jewelry  is from Claire's and Kohls on clearance. I was particularly proud of my make up and hair for this outfit. I watched a youtube video  tutorial for a smoky eye and did my best to replicate it.

 This dress was awesome  and fabulous to wear! I kind of want to make another one now ;)


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