Tuesday, April 11, 2017

1780s Roundgown and Hat O'Doom

*blows the dust off the blog*

Well folks, I'm finally emerging from my self imposed exile from the costuming world. I started grad school back in May 2014 and with that change came a whole host of other changes. Almost three years later, I have a new degree, a new job, and a new house! Needless to say, my costuming and event going has been on a three year hiatus. 

In the last three years, I've made very few costumes: a burlesque interpretation of the Winter Soldier, a regency dress, some Star Trek: TOS uniforms, and very little else. It's been three years of Greatest Hits costuming. Did I mention it's been THREE YEARS since I've made a historical costume I'm really proud of?

Until now! I present the 1780s Roundgown and Hat O'Doom!


I love this dress and it was the perfect project to get me back into historical costuming. The fabric is a blue silk taffeta I bought on a trip to New York in September 2016 and an off-white light weight fabric of unknown origin for the ruffles. I used my trusty old 18th century pattern block for the pattern and used the same techniques I used for the Red Silk Roundgown. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

This is the first time I put it on my dress form.


And sewing the skirt to the bodice.


More finished shots:


I'm getting a pretty gnarly wrinkle at the waist but I'm hoping that is just a result of my entirely awful stays.

The part that really tipped the outfit into fabulous territory is my coordinating hat!

This is my first official hat that I have made - I covered a Timely Tresses bonnet back in the day and I've trimmed hats but this one is the first one I've built from buckram. I'm super proud of it and I will post a more complete write up about its construction when I take a few more pictures. It's definitely a first hat but I learned a lot that wasn't in online tutorials that I could find so I'm going to share.

Everything came together and created the exact picture I had in my head. Now that I have a bigger sewing room and easy access to my fabric and supplies, as well as a little more time to spare, I'm hoping to have more to share soon.

See my full Flickr album here.


  1. Guh! The colour and shape and hat are just DIVINE.

  2. I love this! And how timely for you to post this - I was just looking at some fabric and wondering what to make with it and a round gown is the perfect thing!

  3. Welcome back! That hat is totally fab!!