Sunday, August 13, 2017

CoBloWriMo Day 13 - Pro Tip

Not sure you have the skills to be a cool kid in the costuming world? Worried that folks will judge you for not hand sewing your costumes? Ashamed of your safety pins and hot glue?

My pro tip for today: Don't worry about it!

Wear what makes you feel fabulous. This dress?


Thrown together in two days and held together with safety pins. I even totally used the wrong side of the fabric. But look how awesome I look!

This dress?


Made the night before Comic Con and one of the most popular things I've made for a con.

And this dress?


Sewn together in a car the day before I wore it.

So don't worry about it - no one sees the flaws or the shortcuts, and if they do, it's okay. You're fabulous anyway.


  1. And fabulosity is the aim after all! I'm forever telling noobs to 'just do it'. Why waste time faffing about 'perfecting' your ability to sew a straight line via bags, cushions and bloody aprons? Make something FABULOUS! [Even if it's crap lol]

  2. Can agree! I was convinced -- wait let me rephrase -- the brainweasels were convinced I'd be tossed out of CoCo on my ear for being a hack who's (really insert your choice of negative thing here -- not good/talented/creative/etc enough was what mine said) to be mingling with all the fabulous people who've been going and sewing years longer than me. And the only thing anyone ever said (to my face, anyway) was "omg your dress is gorgeous". DO THE THING. DO IT TODAY.