Tuesday, August 8, 2017

CoBloWriMo Day 8 - Vocabulary

Have you ever noticed that costumers have a very specific vocabulary when they get together? Last weekend, at Costume College, I noticed that when we all get together we tend to have conversations that are baffling to the layman. Based on my observations, here is a short glossary of what costumers say and what they mean.

CoCo  | kō kō |
1. alternate term for Costume College:
    - This year I am going to CoCo.
2. best place to see far flung friends:
    - Did you see who all is going to CoCo?

Home   | hohm |
1. abbreviation of Home Fabrics:
    - I'm stopping at Home as soon as I get to the fabric district.
2. a place of legend, where one can currently obtain silk at ridiculously low prices:
    - I got this incredible silk satin for only $10 a yard at Home!

sleevil   | slee-vuhl |
1. alternate word for sleeve
    - Ugh. I still have to mock up my sleevils.
2. literally the worst part of making anything
    - I loved everything about this dress until I was defeated by sleevils!

hot mess   | hät mes |
1. a large poufy hairstyle common in the late 18th century
    - My hot mess wig needs a little bit of TLC.
2. a real pain in the butt to brush out
    - I started to regret using my own hair for a hot mess after the third brush got stuck in it.

finished   | fi-nisht |
1. the state of being complete
    - I'm finished with all my sewing for the event.
2. in reality, being held together by a hope and a prayer
    - Oh yeah, that's finished with hot glue, scotch tape, and safety pins, but I look fabulous!

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  1. Oh yes, ruddy acronyms! You know, I've never suffered from sleevil infestation, apart from in one tint princess dress I made for my grand-daughter, when I put the same sleeve in upside down THREE TIMES. I actually quite like putting in sleeves, it's one of those 2-D to 3-D mathematical things that make me happy. I also love cutting out. Yes, I'm an alien.